We get agencies. It’s not an easy job. You have a client to please with rapidly changing needs and everything has to go well because a relationship is on the line. MYEVENTISTHEBOMB offers special managed services for agencies so that you don’t have to make frantic, last minute vendor calls before an event ever again.

Guaranteed Inventory.

MYEVENTISTHEBOMB is backed by Simple Booth®, giving us access to the latest products and ability to scale up for large, multi-city campaigns with minimal notice. If you don’t know exactly how many units you’ll need or all the dates you’ll need them, we can guarantee inventory throughout the year to make sure you have your bases covered.

Brand Ambassadors.

We have a trusted network of professional and charismatic brand ambassadors who can engage with guests at the photo booth and create a personal connection to your brand for each visitor. Just provide the key points for them to highlight and they’ll work their magic. It’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Agency Features

Check Your Date

Interested in renting a ring light photo booth? See if we have a HALO® available for your event date.

MYEVENTISTHEBOMB is only serving existing clients at this time due to limited availability. For more photo booth options, please see Simple Booth.