How Event Planners Can Increase Engagement at Parties

Every event organizer wants to have an engaging event, whether its a conference, corporate event or social gathering. At any event, it’s easy for guests to simply check out and find something else to do, and having a room full of zombies with their eyes glued to their phones has filled many-an-event-planners worst nightmares. On the flip side, once you’ve captured a guests attention and gotten them engaged, it’s a lot easier to keep their attention and immerse them in the atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create at your event.

At MYEVENTISTHEBOMB, we’ve formulated a system that works to maximize guest engagement and increase your event’s online social presence. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Connecting the digital and real life experiences

Here’s the secret: you have to connect event guests’ physical world with their digital persona.

The reason is that at any moment, your event guest is being pulled in many different directions. They may be in the middle of a text conversation, reading an article online or thinking about a photo they saw on Instagram. In order to win them over, you have to provide an experience that cuts through the noise and focuses their attention.

The platform that does it all

We bring light, color & motion together and pair it with a mobile social platform that effortlessly dares guests to make the first move, and once they’ve gone through the process they’ll come back again and again!

Our modern Simple Booth HALO® ring light along with your custom branded on-screen experience captures guests’ attention and draws them in, like moths to a flame! Once they tap the screen, they’re guided through a seamless process designed to snap that perfect photo or GIF.

The best part? Everything is hand-selected to immerse your guests in a perfectly curated experience.

Once guests finish, they’re able to send the images directly to their phones and it’s a blast to stream them to a real-time Live Feed on a projection wall or display. The entire process takes less than a minute from start to end so that guests can get back to the party, and you can bet they’re not only showing the photo to friends at the event but also sharing it online with their whole network.

Continued engagement long after the event is over

The greatest part is that you’re able to watch as users continue to document their favorite moments long after the event is over! Every photo captured is stored on your own online gallery, which can be used to promote future events, present ROI to stakeholders, or just enjoy as a memento of all the fun that guests had.

Your event isn’t just a blip in time meant to be forgotten! Help your guest’s relive and reshare that special place in their memory by giving them the tools to share these beautifully curated photos to their friends and families.

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